Sigrid Olsen Stores Closing - Additional 25% Off Reduced Merchandise


    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=481 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=Normal9>To all my customers and friends,
    I honestly never thought that I would be writing a letter of good-bye after 24 years of business, but life is often filled with surprising turns. On January 8th, Liz Claiborne, my parent company, announced that they would be closing Sigrid Olsen …the stores and the company. I have identified with the brand that bears my name for so many years…through all kinds of life changes. It is strange to think that my name and I will be parting ways and the line that I have loved for so long is no longer at the center of my life.
    I have used the metaphor of child rearing as a comparison to growing my business and it continues to be appropriate. In the early years my children were small and as time progressed they grew up. When we were sold in 1999, it was just about the time they left home to pursue their own lives. Now, as the family expands with grandchildren and new experiences, I am looking at a new chapter in my own life.
    As a woman with an enchanting but demanding career, I have not had much time to rest and reflect. I know that this moment is precious and I will accept it as an opportunity to take a new path and explore new aspects of my creativity.
    The most amazing thing about this enterprise from the beginning has been the people. We started it literally on a dining room table and watched it expand as we outgrew offices, opened showrooms, and ultimately fulfilled my dream of retail stores across the country. Throughout the process I have been moved by the dedication of my staff, the passion they have for the product and the years of hard work and devotion that made this brand so special.
    I also feel blessed to have connected with so many women who are my customers. At fashion shows and personal appearances across the country, I actually feel I got a first hand look at America. We have shared stories and I have watched women be transformed by my clothes, happy smiles on their faces as they exit the fitting rooms. As an entrepreneur, there is nothing more satisfying than creative collaboration, people working together to make something wonderful out of nothing and the passionate response of customers who love the results. I feel grateful to have had that.
    And I plan to do it again. Creativity cannot be stifled. Energy cannot be extinguished. From here I will go back into my studio and see where that leads me. If you want to stay connected, tune into my website and see what happens!
    With warm regards and much gratitude,

  2. Oh, that's sad. I really like Olsen's clothing.
  3. So sad....