sigrid olsen quality?

  1. can anyone comment on sigrid olsen's bag's quality? i've never seen it IRL and liking some of the bags i see in :p



  2. I was wondering about these too!
  3. Sigrid Olsen purses have beautiful supple leather. They have their own stores, that mostly carry clothes but Dillard's carries a lot of their purses. I love that red one...haven't seen that one yet! The black ones are from the newest season I think.

    You can't go wrong with Sigrid Olsen. Their wallets are beautiful too. Suede interiors. I just bought half a dozen on sale at the last Dillards sale. $79 down to $15!

    Don't pay full price for Sigrid Olsen though...Dillards heavily discounts theirs and they go to 25% off very quickly and all the way down to 50-75% off.

    That being said, their quality IS worth full price!
  4. Sigrid Olsen is owned now by Liz Claiborne-so you can also get the bags at the LC Outlets-which always have coupons for 25-50% off if you sign up at their website. Of course you have to have an outlet nearby! That being said-their leather is very supple and the bag quality is excellent!:yes:
  5. I just looked at Zappos. That's a great price on the red one...Normally Sigrid Olsen starts out near $299 brand new.

    Good luck! I'd buy one!
  6. I didn't know this was part of Liz Claiborne. That's interesting! I've never seen the bags, but I do like the store we have here. The styles are nice and the quality seems very good.
  7. Love the red one :tup:
  8. I hadn't seen the bags before either. I'll definitely be looking out for them now.
  9. thanks girls...
    i have 1 LC's bag and the leather is very soft!

    i think i'll get one soon :p
  10. So, Liz Claiborne now owns Kate Spade AND Sigrid Olsen? I had no idea. I've been a big fan of KS and Sigrid Olsen for a long time, I hope the LC company doesn't change anything.

    To answer the OP's question, I love Sigrid Olsen bags. The leathers are always very nice and the quality is fantastic, even at full price. Also, the designs are usually very practical.
  11. I looked at some Sigrid Olsen bags the last time I was at Dillards and the leather on them was fantastic and the bags seem really well made. They seem like they are really good price for the quality.
  12. I think the leather on Sigrid Olsen bags are yummy. I don't have one though, so I can't tell you how well they'll hold up. The prices are usually very decent. If I fell in love with one, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.
  13. I have 2 Sigrid Olsen bags and the leathers are so soft. The interiors are gorgeous, too (I love a pretty lining.) I would highly recommend them.
  14. It's very surprising how many lines Liz Claiborne acutally owns. This is their stock report on their lines. Interesting read! :yes:

    Liz Claiborne, Inc. designs and markets a portfolio of branded women's and men's apparel, accessories and fragrance products. The Company's portfolio of quality brands, available domestically and internationally via wholesale and retail channels, consistently meets the range of consumers' fashion needs, from classic to contemporary, active to relaxed and denim to streetwear. The Company's merchandise is available at more than 30,000 different retail locations worldwide. In addition to its wholesale distribution, the Company sells directly to customers throughout the world via 338 specialty retail formats, 646 concessions, 321 outlet and 10 e-commerce sites. Its brands include AXCESS, BELONGINGS, BORA BORA, C & C CALIFORNIA, CITY UNLTD., CLAIBORNE, CRAZY HORSE, CURVE, DANA BUCHMAN, ELISABETH, ELLEN TRACY, EMMA JAMES, ENYCE, FIRST ISSUE, INTUITIONS, J.H. COLLECTIBLES, JUICY COUTURE, KENZIE, KENZIEGIRL, LAUNDRY BY SHELLI SEGAL, LIZ, LIZ CLAIBORNE, LUCKY BRAND JEANS, MAC & JAC, MAMBO, MARVELLA, METROCONCEPTS, MEXX, MONET, MONET 2, prAna, REALITIES, RHYTHM & BLUES, SIGRID OLSEN, SOUL, SPARK, STAMP 10, TAPEMEASURE, TINT, TRIFARI, VILLAGER, and YZZA. In addition, Liz Claiborne, Inc. holds the exclusive, long-term license to produce and sell men's and women's collections of DKNY® JEANS and DKNY® ACTIVE in the Western Hemisphere. The Company also has the license to produce jewelry under the KENNETH COLE NEW YORK and REACTION KENNETH COLE brand names. The Company operates the three business segments: Wholesale Apparel, Wholesale Non-Apparel and Retail. Based on selling location, the Company presents its results on geographic basis as Domestic and International.
  15. wow, i never know that LC's that BIG!!!