Sigrid Olsen bags?

I have a bag that I got at half price, and the leather is amazing. Much better than any of the Chloe bags I've looked at. I wouldn't pay full price as I think they cost too much given their country of origin (China), but on sale, they're a good deal. I doubt I'll buy anymore though since some of the designs I like are lambskin, and it's a leather I try to avoid.
I've seen them at TJMaxx and they appear to be well made and are beautiful bags. Some are unusually pretty colors. There have been a time or two that I have been tempted.
I have several and the leather is very soft. She usually does clothing, but got into handbags about 2 years ago. You can find them at Macys, Dillards, Parisian etc. They aren't usually over a couple hundred dollars-buy them on sale.:yes:
Sigrid olsen is getting a bit bigger than what it was a few years ago... good quality leather bags... it's a brand that Liz Claiborne owns.

They range from 200-300's I think.
I don't anything about the brand, but there is a small shop in Montgomery Mall. I didn't realize they sold bags as well as clothes (which, BTW, I thought looked well-made, conservative-with a hint of trendiness). Anyway, I was just browsing and not buying, but I thought it was such a nice shop that I signed up for their e-mail list.
Hi Denise: I buy her clothes because they fit me well. I went to a boutique of her's in Dallas this weekend and bought a sweater. The SA wrapped up the sweater and tied a little keychain that you can slip a driver's license into, etc. as a gift on top. I thought that was really nice. I haven't looked at it closely but it looks nicely made.