Sigourney ankle boots

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  1. Anyone has the Sigourney ankle boots?


    I have only a few hours to decide if I´d get them on Netaporter 30 + 20 % off.

    The sale is over this evening.

    How do you like them?

    Are they comfortable?

  2. I tried them on at Saks, my normal CL size is 39.5 and I needed a 40. They were so cute and of course, needed to be broken in.....I did not get them as my office is very conservative so I have no where to wear them.........but I love them!
  3. Thanx.

    I´ve ordered them.

    I can always return them if they don´t fit.


    It was the last pair in my size.

    ( My normal size + 1/2 size.)
  4. I love them-mine are a full size up from my US size, but 1/2 up would have been fine too. They look great on! Congrats!
  5. Did you get the Lilac Metallic?
  6. I want these too but I keep debating whether to go 1 size up or 1/2. Congrats on your new CLs!
  7. ^ I'd go a full size up. I have them in my normal CL size, and though I can wear them with bare feet, they do make my toes go numb after a while. (I keep meaning to take them in to get them stretched...haven't gotten around to it.) One full size up would have been perfect.
  8. oh, I love these. they're my fun booties =). a half size up is perfect, but you can also do 1 full size up if you want more room =).
  9. Yes, I ´ve ordered the Lilac Metallic one on the pic.

    They are 1/2 size up, but I hope they´ll fit.
  10. How did you get on with these Blueberry? Are they comfy and you can walk for ages in them? And are you happy that you half sized up? I've been bugging the tpf-ers that bought them and were in the library but just found this thread as I still can't make up my mind!
  11. Mine are super comfy LadyVee!
  12. They're good. Mine are a full size up from my normal size 6. But I like the extra room and I wear thick socks in the winter/fall too.
  13. Wow. What a coincidence. I was looking for sizing advice on these as well. Half size up or one whole size up? So sad that there aren't any booties for me to try on in the Sydney stores.

    Blueberry, are you ok with the half size up?
  14. Yes, they are fine and comfortable!

  15. Well I did it but I am revealing on the proper thread. Thx for last minute advice and specially to Jet who I have been PM-ing like mad!