Signs you're spending alot of time on TPF

  1. Ok not all of us get to be cited in the "First word that comes to mind thread" like our dear Twinkle Tink ... Heee heee couldn't help it Twinkle!

    For background See

    but is there anything else you do that tells you you're spending ALOT of time on TPF?

    I'll start with mine...

    I'm reading an article on a website and i forget it's not one of those emails about new posts on TPF and i hit DELETE.

    I hit delete about twice because the article wouldn't go away and then i realized it was futile because it wasn't a TPF email!! LOL

    that's just the icing on the sugar... don't get me started about the withdrawal when TPF goes down for maintenance... :sweatdrop:
  2. Whaaht!!?? :wtf: They take the site down???!!!

  3. When the first tab on my Internet explorer HAS to be tPF each and everytime I sign on... :-]]

    I will open up 6 different tabs if it means that I never take tPF down...I might miss something!! lol..
  4. yeah^^^I'm the same way....I'm afraid I'll miss a cool new thread or something....
  5. It's horrible when tPF goes down for maintenance!!

    This is what I'm like then: :hysteric:
  6. :pI feel naked writing emails to friends and I can't add the cute emoticons!!!!:yahoo:

    Also - I dream about bags. :p

    Oh - and the $5K I blew on bags since joining this forum should not go without mention.:shocked:
  7. Has anybody ever talked about someone on tPF like they were an IRL friend? I do this all the time!

    Me: So anways, my friend bubbliciousis was saying that this bag is nice.

    BF: Who? And who names their kid bubbliciousis?!
  8. That cracked me up for a week!

    For me, when I find myself quoting my friends on tPF, then IRL.
  9. ^ haha cross post
  10. You got a point there. I can't live w/o my laptop when I start a new thread. I click refresh every few minutes. That's when I think to myself........ This is sad.:p
  11. You beat me to it, I was thinking of the same thing :sweatdrop:
  12. ^LOL!!!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. LOL:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I have done that and caught myself... and my friend would ask, who is this friend?

    She lives in Arizona?? YOu've never been to Arizona!!

    how do you know this person??

    and then we get to awkward territory where i have to talk about TPF and that fact that i spend a ridiculous amount of time here ...... :sweatdrop:

  14. I hear you, i'm typing an email and i'm like, where's that LOL smiley?? and i'm like like, Duh i'm not on tpf!! =P

    I spent quite a bit of $$ when i first joined TPF too!! alll thanks to the enablers on the MJ forum....:graucho: totallly relate to you =)

  15. Forgot this one - huge indication for me:

    I now think that a $1000 handbag is entry level.

    Can you ban yourself from this forum?