Signs of fake??

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    I really really really want to know how u can tell apart whether the gucci monogram bag is real or not. I go to uni near China Town, and i see so many gucci bags ( i have no clue if its fake or not):shrugs: ! So how do u really tell them apart?? Is there any dead give away sign that alerts u that it is real or fake?
    Please educate me! LOL:lol:
  2. If you go to "China Town" in any city and there are vendors selling Gucci bags, they're fake. VERY few people are authorized to sell them.
  3. I can tell you all fake products in the world are almost produced from China since the cost can be very low if in there. The qualities can be poor or even as good as the real one

    Many Chinese guys still prefer to buy Gucci bags in HK or Europe even if China has Gucci boutiques just coz they know there are too many fake in China,where is a fake product industry.

    BTW, I know some tips to authenticate since I live in HK where consists many authentic and fake Gucci.
    1. GG patterns are well shown and uniformly distributed, some in low quality are shown as "ee" or "CC"
    2. The sewing of authentic bags is very good, no slanting and broken
    3. All bags in these recent years' style consist series no. behind the Gucci logo inside the bags
    However, some with high quality can be made as the above nature
    the follows are bit different between Fake and Authentic:
    4. GG pattern in black or beige colour of classic bags can be changed lighter under different brightness of light
    5. If you have smelled the authentic ones, you can easy to authenticate a Gucci bag coz the leather is come from BOARS. Only, gucci bags have such a smell as the all boutiques are full of this smell, while the smell of fake bags is like rubber or nothing. It is more clear from a new bag.
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  6. I'd try to stay away from China town locations. If you want authentic items, it's best to go to the actual boutique stores or department stores like NM, Saks or Bergdorf where the vendor distributes their items to.
  7. Another dead clue is the price
  8. Yes, I always use the smell check to confirm the leather quality. I've noticed on real bags too, you can see that the serial tag is two leather pieces glued back to back. You should be able to see this when you look at the side of the serial tag. Fakes are generally one piece of faux leather as the tag.