Signoria Large Tote on Sale for $1295

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Sep 20, 2006
My AWESOME SA from NM called to tell me she has the Signoria Large Tote on sale only for today.

Colors: Ivory and Camel.

This is part of the special one-day sale that NM is having. The return policy is pretty flexible, much more so than the Gucci boutique.

My SA is awesome: she comes in early for the days of the sales and grabs the bags that you want for presale. She's very quick and customer service oriented.

I'm passing on this sale (too much money spent in Oct at Saks EGC) but if you're in the market and want to build a good relationship with a great SA, give Lisa a call.

Lisa at NM Dallas Northpark: 1-800-756-5784, ext 2247

Lisa found me some fabulous deals during Last Call when no other SA was able to find the bags. She's the one!


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Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
Please post ALL SALES in the GUCCI SALE INFO thread only!
Thanks for the info though!
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