Signoria Large Hobo came!!

  1. It came from Mall of America, Nordstrom. And it's not what I expected!!

    First the MJ Mayfair, now this Gucci! That's twice this week. I'm bummed!

    I never tried it on at the boutique, but when I saw it online, for a killer price, I ordered it. It really looks nothing like the picture!

    The leather is SO NOT THAT SMOOTH!

    It took me(& my SA) 3 days calling around, looking for it, waiting, getting my card cleared to purchase it. Now I'm not even sure if I want to keep it! I got the LAST Rust Leather color in the whole company.

    I think I will end up re-selling this for a few extra bucks to fund my next purchase. I know what I want for sure now, GUCCISSIMA CHAIN HOBO!!!!

    Sorry for the rant!
  2. There are scratches on the gold hardware!!
  3. sorry it didn't work out for you. don't you hate it when you put so much time and effort into something and then it doesn't work out. Bummer, but yes.. get that guccissima horsebit hobo!!!
  4. Definitely get rid of it if you don't like it, buy something else that you love!
  5. Too bad it wasn't as you had imagined. Sell it and get something you love, the guccissima chain hobo you mentioned is a great choice.
  6. if you don´t like it - the sell it - I have the medium Signoria and my bag is very smooth
  7. Ugh.. that stinks that you're disappointed with it..Definitely sell it or return it so you can get something you really want.
  8. I can't wait to get rid of this for the Guccissima chain hobo!!
  9. That sucks cause it looks great in all the pics I have seen. Now you will have to treat yourself to something even more expensive to make up for the disappointment!
  10. ^^ Yes, yes, I must. :yes:
  11. I think it's something about this color. I was in the Gucci store yesterday and this bag looked really good in red and ivory/white. But, the rust looked a bit drab and there were scratches on the leather.

    I hope you enjoy your guccisma chain hobo!
  12. I totally agree!!