Signing in?

  1. Ever since the the PF returned from being shut down a few days ago I've had to sign in every time I visit, sometimes more than once if I've been viewing other windows, whereas before I was always signed in. Is this permanent? :sad:
  2. yeah, this has happened to me too.. can someone clarify this? thanks..
  3. Just click on the "Remember Me" box by the login window up on the top right!

  4. Yup..that's what I did yesterday..
  5. Actually, let me hack it so that it checks it by default!
  6. I had that problem yesterday but it seems all fine now:yes:
  7. Hi I have the same problem basically I create a new thread and if typing takes a little longer and "it" logs me out and I have to log back in and all my text is lost...?


  8. That is an odd issue! May be a problem on your end. I suggest you clear your browser cookie and relog in.