Significantly not as described!

  1. :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: I recently bought a designer handbag on Ebay. I'm so dissapoint it! when I received the bag a few minutes ago I inspected it and i realized that the bag it is USED, full of stains and smells to tobacco!!!:cursing: :cursing: ..the seller described it as brand new with tags! since the price tag goes on the inside pocket she would wear the bag without removing the tag! that's how she claimed the bag was new with tags! all stains and marks do not show in the pics. The thing is that I have paid with a bank transfer thru PayPal. My bank can not reverse the charges because it was and "authorized" transaction. What do I do? I already filed a claim with paypal but how does it work? Let's say the seller agrees on the return...How do I get my money back? If I return the bag and she does not refund my money what happens? am I going to end up without bag and without money!!? Please help.:hysteric:
  2. You did the right thing by filing with PayPal. She needs to respond. If she doesn't respond in 10 days, PayPal automatically decides the claim in your favor and they will refund your money and she will have to pay the money to PayPal. If she agrees to refund you then you will need to send the bag back. Make sure you send it back with signature confirmation so you have proof that she receives it. Don't worry, I think it will work out in your favor.
  3. Oh no highmaintenance...I'm sorry to hear this is happening to you! :sad: I don't have experience with a situation like this, but it sounds like PayPal will help you sort it all out. Good luck!!!!! Keep us posted! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you... :yes:

    P.S. It wasn't the white blondie mini hobo was it???? :wtf:
  4. yes it was!!!:mad:
  5. Oh no!! What a JERK!!! :cursing:

    Good luck getting your money back...I'm sure it'll all get sorted out!!! :yes:
  6. Did the seller respond?

    I would also document the stains through photographs. There is not much you can do other than wait to hear from Paypal. Just make sure you are very concise in your commentary to Paypal.
  7. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Was this one of the Blondie's you won?
  8. I'm sorry about what happened, i would be furious if that happened to me. I wish you the best of luck and keep us posted!
  9. Oh my! If I use the bag once, I won't even call it new. To have tains and, she had balls stating that. I hope you get your $ back.
  10. How much was the bag? I think the Paypal claim, as in the case of eBay claim, has a limit (like $200, I forgot exactly what it is) minus shipping and $25 fees, unless the listing has a $1,000 claim limit that is sometimes offered by high volume sellers. Check the eBay site for details.

  11. If the person is still registered with paypal, you should get your money back. if they have the money in their account, it's easy to reverse. Unfortunately paypal don't freeze the seller's money for SNAD disputes. That said, some auctions have buyer protection that covers you for up to $1000

    Otherwise, you get standard protection for up to a certain limit, less $25 admin fee. Still, it's better than nothing.
  12. she responded to my claim saying that the bag is in fact brand new. Does this bag looks "brand new" to you?:mad:
    GG2.jpg gg3.JPG gg4.JPG gg5.JPG gg6.JPG
  13. OMG...I am so mad for you!!!!!!!! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  14. Ewww! You need to get your money back!! She's an evil person.
  15. my god! id she havea new zip put in or something?? that just looks shoddy!

    If that truely is 'brand new' then she either needs to be more careful where/how shes stores her bags or she needs to be a bit more picky when she buys them! theres no way I'd buy something in that state! Did she maybe buy it in a sale? or in an outlet? & then I guess, technically, it is new, just kicked around the storeroom before she bought it.