significantly not as described

  1. Hi Girls, new here....I need some help. I bought a Chanel Cambon Grand Tote a couple of weeks ago on Ebay for US$950. When I received the item I was so excited, first time I bought a used item but It looked perfect on the pics. Big dissapointment! The bag was full or dog's fuzz, everywhere! inside pockets, box, dust bag, the bag had some visible scratches and some damage, definetely not as described. When I asked the girl prior to bidding about the conditions of the bag, she claimed it was in "perfect, excellent conditions". I e-mailed her a couple of times, she was reluctant, she says I'm paranoic....finally we came to an agreement that she will accept my return but she keeps saying that she is afraid I will return a fake bag, I'm not a thief! :crybaby: Do you think I'm being scammed of she is just afraid?
  2. Can you post a link to the auction?

    How did you pay?
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  4. If you used your credit card to pay by PayPal then call you credit card company and find out what your recourse is if you return the bag.

    If you DO return the bag for a refund make sure to send it back to the sellers confirmed PayPal address and insure it fully and this is VERY important so listen closely - use USPS Priority Mail, insured with SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION. Please pay the $1.60 for SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION (NOT the same as delivery confirmation). Trust me you will need SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION!
  5. Immediately call your credit card company and paypal - hopefully you paid through your credit card along with paypal. I was in the same situation and after I returned the item I received my money back, however in my case my CC company told me not to return it until they advised me to do so, so I would just check. How disappointing!
  6. I really cant imagine doing a credit card payment reversal and NOT returning the bag. Something sounds wrong about that.
  7. I think she means don't return the bag until the CC company completes their investigation and refunds the money.
  8. Thank you girls, I didn't want to claim w/PayPal or CC company because seller was already upset while I was trying to be nice to make sure I was going to get my money back, I was afraid to file a claim w/Paypal because this situation had happened to me in the past but w/small not so expensive items and they closed the claim because they only deal w/delivery of items not w/what they call "attributes" of the product" as quality...etc. so I was afraid I was going to loose since she can prove she delivered the item in a timely manner.
  9. Yes, but you can bypass PayPal altogether. That's why I say call your credit card company and find out what recourse you have.
  10. Hey! I just saw this thread and this is such a coincidence -- I just bought this exact same bag after the seller relisted it! I received it yesterday and I just adore it. It is in fabulous condition, too -- no pet hair at all, although I have cats myself so I don't have any allergy problems to be concerned with. I think the bag is in superlative condition -- really excellent, like new. It looks like it was carried maybe just a very few times, and was very well cared for. The seller was very nice, very good communications and quick shipping. i guess there truly is a home for every bag! Highmaintenance, I'm glad you were able to return the bag since that's what you wanted -- and I'm also glad because that enabled me to buy it, and I love it! Everything worked out in the end for everybody. :smile:
  11. ^ she probably cleaned it up , which is nice . my Cambon has been so dirty before and it looks like after i hit the inside w/ a dustbuster . lol . i'm not kidding either , i have super long hair and pets , my hair is always everywhere . i wish the inside was leather !
  12. I'm glad to hear you liked it. I definetely would it never keep it. :rolleyes: I keep all my handbags in like new conditions. Even my white blondie looks perfectly clean. I even clean my shoes after I wear them every day. I store them in its original boxes. I'm surprised you did not notice a few scratches the bag had in the front; but like you said, there truly is a home -and a customer- for every bag! Congrats!:jammin:
  13. Wow... thats is totally a coincidence! So cool to hear these stories...
    hmm maybe she cleaned the bag?!!

    :smile: Glad everyone is happy
  14. OMG, finally someone who makes me feel normal, LOL! I also clean my shoes after wearing them and store them in their original boxes. All of my handbags look brand new even after many months of use. I notice every little flaw and am very detail oriented - to a fault.