Significant size difference? Hamptons carryall.


Aug 4, 2007
I was looking online at the Coach website and noticed that the two hampton carryalls have different size for the signature and leather.

Are the two significantly different in size?

Anyone have any comparison pictures or any input? XD

I can't go to the mall anytime soon so I've came to the forum to ask you lovely gals. :biggrin:

Thanks in advance! :yahoo:


Ahhhh...I'm falling!
May 7, 2008
Hi Monokuro!

It's bigger--about 25% at least to 33.33% bigger. I don't have the size differentials (check Coach website) but the smaller size is nicer and the bigger bag just looks a bit big unless you're a little on the cuddly side and taller side. I'm about 5"6 and under 130 lbs and the smaller size fits my width and height proportionately. The bigger one just looks a bit floppy on me. If you're a little larger and/or taller than about 5"8 then I think the bigger one would look better on you.

There is that 'try this bag on' feature to see the sillhouette of how the bag looks.

I also spoke with a SA and she told me that this is a lighter softer leather than has been treated with some kind of light waxing or plastic coating to give it a soft look. So, basically, it's a light layered patent leather in my opinion. I'm a little nervous about patent leather so I am steering clear from all patent-like leather bags.

Good luck and enjoy it if you're planning to get it.

Take care,