signed CL's

  1. hey guys.. quick question.. if you had your louboutin's signed by christian louboutin himself.. would you wear them? would you sell them? would you keep em in a glass box? what would you do... He signs all his shoes on the upper part so it doesnt wear off when you walk in them.... would it be weird to walk with black writing (for whomever doesnt know that its his sig.) .. confuzzled:shrugs:
  2. damieraddict, i would not wear them...those are treasures:love: Why would you see them?:shrugs: To me,they are keepsakes.
  3. I would wear them. BUT I would only wear them on carpeted surfaces, LOL. I'd trow a pair of ballet flats in my purse and put the Louboutins on once I got inside. I don't have a lot of extra $ to be buying extra pairs of Louboutins, and since he doesn't charge to sign them, what the heck, I'd wear them anyway.

    Also, if you wear them out, say to a coctail party, and someone sees the signature and asks you about about them, you have an instant converstaion piece! (I am bad a starting conversations with people I don't know. Usually I will just stand there like a wallflower unless someone starts talking to me.)
  4. well im planning to get them soled, as i did to my other two pairs .. thats not a prob..
    but i dont know .
    more opinions?
  5. If I had him sign a pair (I'd have him sign both shoes... ME <--- greedy!) I would put it in a display case! Maybe even in the same case as the Noritake... :upsidedown:
  6. I would have to look for some clear coating to put on them.
  7. i would wear them, they would be signed under the heel portion of the shoe so the signature would never hit a surface.
  8. I would wear them..but I don't think I would stop showing off the signature!! :p
  9. I would wear them just to show off the signature. lol
  10. One of my girlfriends had the bottom of a pair of new CLs signed, and it's in a spot where she can wear them without "walking off" the signature.

    I have another friend who has some signed Manolos, and she keeps them in a glass display case - with fancy lights and everything. While it's kind of cool, I see no point in that because I want to wear my shoes, and I don't think they'd look very nice in a glass case used!
  11. ITA! I'd wear them too~
  12. I'd carefully paint a coat of clear varnish over the signature so it wouldnt come off or smudge and then wear them

    Imo the shoes are too beautiful theres no way I could resist not wearing them :yes:
  13. Rock 'em til the heels fall off!:lol:

    I would also wear them, I wouldn't be happy if I couldn't share my beauties with the world!
  14. I had Monssieur Louboutin sign a pair of my unworn CLs. I could not take it when there were people having him sign shoes off their feet. I purposely chose a pair that I did not think I would wear very often and still have not worn.
  15. hmm.. mixed reviews!