Signed CLs found @ NM sale rack

  1. I made a trip to the Newport Beach NM on Saturday and it was mayhem! Women rushing around in a frenzy, snatching up as much as they can from the consolidation sale.
    At the shoe sale rack section, the only CLs were the gold flats w/ pink and white graffiti. At the boot section, there was still a few pairs of pony hair leopard print boots! They looked VERY cute IRL, so I was eager to find my size. There weren't any, but in checking the soles, I saw one was SIGNED! :shocked:
    So, how does a signed pair of CLs end up in the sale section in SoCal? As far as I know, he hasn't made any appearances around here. I wonder if you actually can return signed shoes? Otherwise, what would be the expla nation? Hmm... :wondering:
  2. That's an odd one! I take it you didn't ask a SA about it
  3. At the Tyson's Corner, VA store one of the display shoes (I can't remember which style) was signed. This was a couple of weeks ago and I was rather stunned :heart: over the roccia Privitata so I did not focus so much on the signed shoe. Maybe they had some kind of event for NM shoe dept people with CL & they were signed at that time.
  4. No, I didn't ask anyone. There was so much commotion going on, I didn’t want to stop anybody, because they all looked so busy. Felt a little inadequate also, because I was just browsing and wasn't on the 'hunt.'
  5. No hunting?? :search:
  6. ^ Haha, that's cute! :push:
    No hunting = didn't walk into the store w/ "I'm-gonna-find-something-good-on-sale-but-if-I-don't-I'll-still-leave-with-something-if-it's-not-on-sale" mentality. :smile:
  7. Ahhh.....that's a a good way to shop!! I have to be like that when I'm in the US as it's so easy to overspend, especially with the way the dollar is at the moment.
  8. Signed CLs at fashion island? Weird.... I'm relieved to hear there aren't any good CLs on the racks, I dont feel so bad now for keeping away from there this weekend!
  9. CL did a signing at Fashion Island last fall. So clearly someone returned their shoes.
  10. Yes, it was a weird sighting. Makes me think that signed shoes are returnable. I think my lesson from all this would be to go earlier and to go during the week. Since this consolidation sale started a couple of days (7th or the 8th) before I went, there seems to be just leftovers. I did see a black mouche shoe w/ a snake detail at the peep-toe just laid randomly about; it was a size 40, I think. For the next sale, I'll be going during a weekday and armed w/ the I'm-doing-some-damage-so-out-of-my-way mentality! :biggrin:
  11. Oh okay... thanks dls80ucla! I am just recently obsessed w/ CLs... too bad I missed the boat for last Fall... :crybaby:
  12. did you end up buying the signed CL's?
  13. Some really bored and uninterested SA forgot to check the soles...
  14. No, I did not; they were too small for me... a 36... :sad:
  15. How much were they anyway?