Signe Chanel Documentary

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  1. I caught the second episode of the documentary "Signe Chanel" on the Sundance Channel this week. It's a very interesting "behind the scenes" look at the French fashion world. Here's the description:

    "Filmmaker Loïc Prigent’s fascinating, witty and infectiously joyous look within a leading fashion house focuses on the evolution of Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2004-2005 collection. From Karl Lagerfeld’s initial sketches and their first interpretation by veteran seamstresses to the climactic show as the models strut the catwalk, Signé Chanel presents a loving depiction of an enclosed, esoteric world."

    Be sure to check it out!

  2. Oh man, can't believe I missed it. I love the Sundance Chanel. I am going to have to check the guide and see when it comes on again this month (if it does).
  3. Michele - it looks like it is a 4-part show. I caught the second one, but I am also hoping they will start over so I can catch it from the beginning. Plus, Sundance repeats everything so much, I am sure it will be showing again!
  4. Oooh, I wanna see!
  5. Thank you! I haven't seen it, but have bookmarked it, and will watch when I have some time.... it looks really interesting! :yes:
  6. Ooh I love this! Thanks!
  7. i just saw the first 2 episode, love it!!! thanks!!!
  8. i just watched the first episode!and save the last for tomorrow:P

    it's really interesting!!!
  9. I saw this when it was aired on TV, but I missed one episode, thanks!!
  10. Oh, thanks for sharing these...I watched the part of the "...sleepless night...", and it sure makes me appreciate all the hard works that are put into making those gorgeous clothes. Gotta go back and watch more now....:yahoo:
  11. very interesting!! thanks!!

    can't believe that girl thought a chanel couture dress was 100 euro. wouldnt you have some sort of an idea if you work there?
  12. Watched all the episodes, and understand why couture costs as much as it does. Hmmmm....anyone know if Chanel has a couture handbag division to create a matching bag for the beautiful outfit.
  13. thanks i bookmarked it ! will watch later :smile:
  14. Thank you for informing us!!!