Signaturre Studded Gallery Tote Brass/Gold

  1. I am in love with the New Signature Studded Gallery Tote and I have some questions for you gals. The color I love is what the website is called Brass/Gold. Has anybody seen this bag IRL? It looks more cream to me, which I hope it is. I also have never had a light colored bag (but have been looking for one) and will this bag be very hard to keep clean?
    TIA for your help!
  2. I saw it IRL today and it is more cream than gold. I can't speak to keeping it clean; I've never had a bag that light either.

    The brown version has a purple tint to the metallic C's - very pretty. I'm not a brown person but actually like this one better than the cream/gold.

    Edited to add: I preferred the brown/patent wristlet over the cream/gold as well.
  3. I also like the brown except I already have a signature gallery tote in the chocolate brown
  4. I saw the gold one the other night and it is a more cream color. I haven't seen the brown but after hearing these descriptions I want to!
  5. i saw the old one also in person and i thought it was very pretty but i hestitae to purchase b/c how exactly would you clean a bag liek that hence my rule is i avoid purchaseing suede / fur / and the optic print.. ( i feel a sthough optic is not a weather reistant as signtaure )