Signatures That Are "Too Big" ?

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Aug 8, 2008
Starting with post 18 in this thread: , there are some comments about signatures that are so big they make reading the thread difficult.

That and the huge a** signatures bother me. I have disable the signature function so I don't have to see them but there is no way to avoid the other. Thanks Vlad for looking into it :tup:
Charlie, I didn't know you could disable the signatures--thanks for the information! That drives me crazy too (and confuses me at times!)

I just went to my options and changed that! Thanks!!
^^ I am with ya. Some have pictures too big in their signatures that I think they are posting the picture and I am like "what does this picture have to do with this thread?" :thinking: Lmao!

Yes, you can hide signatures from a setting in your control panel (Your Control Panel, Settings & Options >> Edit Options, Thread Display Options >> Visible Post Elements, UNcheck "Show Signatures" ), but that hides ALL signatures big & small, annoying & witty.

Is there any policy on these? Should there be? Comments from the peanut gallery?
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