Signatures on shipments???

  1. When did Coach start requiring a signature on a 21+ yo for their deliveries??? I'm so pi$$ed, because I was supposed to get my Mandy whiskey on Wednesday - Fed Ex screwed up and didn't deliver, so they tried yesterday, but our doorbell is broken so they just left a note! It must be because of the value of the bag, because they left my legacy scarf package. I left a note today to knock because someone is home (my MIL, so I hope she hears) because if not, I don't know when I'll get the bag!!!! I don't wan to go all :boxing: on someone to get my bag! LOL
  2. According to their FAQs on the web site, updated last month, any packages valued over $500 requires a person 21 and over to sign for them. Signature releases on file don't apply.

    My son has had to sign for all my packages, even the ones valued under $500.
  3. Get a signature on file with FedEx. Then they leave the package. Can you sign the slip they leave on the door?
  4. nope to all. They have my signature on file, I get tons of packages and they're always left. this one is "special"

    WOO HOO, just checked my tracking number and it says "delivered"!!!!! Now I can't wait to get home~! LOL