signature vs. non what is your choice...

  1. I think the over abundance of terrible fakes out there has really soured my opinion of signature bags. As a result I have sold my last one, and will likely never get another...I just can't help but think "cheap" when I see sig C's now...anyone else developing the same aversion? I think this is the same reason I just can't get into LV...SO many fakes.
  2. Nope, for me it's sig all the way. I do recognize the beauty in some of the leather bags, but for me a Coach is not a Coach without the sig.

    But I can totally understand where you're coming from with all the stupid fakes floating around. It is very frustrating seeing them all over the place.
  3. I really love the leather. But I admit recently to being drawn to some of the sigs. I really like the sig gallery tote that is out now.
  4. Yeah, I totally used to think the same way, but the leather bags are just so luxurious - I don't see a single sig. bag that interests me any more...and I feel like - no one is going to replicate my leather bags, so that makes 'em that much more great!
  5. I generally like the leather bags, they just seem more classic and timeless. However, I have on occassion gravitated towards the sig print, esp. the carryall in black - I thought it look awesome!
  6. I like leather but I tend to go for solids.

    Out of all my clothes I only have 2 articles of clothing that are prints. (Tho I do like silk scarves.)

    In my house there is only one piece of furniture with a pattern to it (slipcover)


    Out of all my Coach I only have one little signature fabric "Taffy"
  7. yeah, i know what you mean. i do like signature, but lately i've had my fill and am gravitating back to leather. right now only the brown/brown signature has my interest.
  8. I prefer leather now. I have a couple of favorites that I won't part with in signature like my Indigo Patchwork Tote, but for the most part they just don't attract me. It seems everyone in my area carries Coach, real and fake. I don't want to "advertise" my bag's brand if I don't have to. This is the same reason why when I finally had saved enough to put down on LV I had been looking at, I went for the Coach satchel instead. As much as I want an LV, there's just too many fakes running around this area. It takes the joy out of it when most would just assume mine is fake as well.
  9. I really love signature, i guess it is because I am younger. I adore the leather too though. I don't really see any fake leather Coaches, so I guess that is why more people prefer it.
  10. both are appealing to me ,but i think i like leather more.
  11. I love both though at the moment I own just the optic C and sig C wallet . I love them both for what they are! I def want to add more sig pieces to my collection
  12. I love the leather, but I do quite like a little touch of signature.. hehe
    Not plastered all over the bag, but a nice hint of "coachness" is really cute. haha sorry its getting late, i dont know what the hell im taking about.
  13. It depends on the bag for me, though I am starting to appreciate the leather bags more. I can spot a leather Coach bag from a mile away, and I imagine many others can, too. For some bags the sig print is really appealing, but for others, the understated leather can feel much better.
  14. i totally agreed with her!!! i love sigs, =D
  15. I only love plain leather - no signatures ever for me and I've felt that way so long that I can't imagine ever liking them.