Signature/Trademark Bag

  1. I'm not sure how to explain this but I'll try (I'm very lacking in vocab today, I think my brain is still at the bowling alley:P ) . Almost every fashion house has a particular CLASSIC bag that they're known for. For Hermes it's probably the Kelly (or Bolide and Birkin), for Chanel it's the 225 (the original classic flap bag), for Bottega Veneta it's probably the Ball bag, etc. In your opinion, which style of bag would apply for YSL?:flowers:
  2. Although the muse is a timeless bag and probably what people right now would associate YSL with, I think it is the mombassa that is signature YSL. That's my opinion anyway! :P
  3. Mombasa
  4. I would say the mombasa too...