Signature Totes (2006)

  1. I've been looking on eBay at purses and I saw a purse I just love. I think there from the 2006 collection though. How can I find these purses??

    -Signature Gallery Tote Style #7874
    - Coach Signature Beaded Gallery Tote (Silver) Style #8k52
  2. Okay ladies, I know your out there!!!
  3. You can either call the coach 800 # and give them your style # or look them up on eBay. Good luck!
  4. I have this bag in the Khaki/Brown. I used it for a a year straight when I bought mine. I don't like how the corners, handles, and bottom are suede because mine is all icky now. The silver one is dusted suede I believe. I have a dusted suede wristlet and it's held up okay. I used it a lot though. I just don't like suede I It is a great bag. Here are some pictures for reference.
    103_0042a.JPG 103_0047a.JPG
  5. That bag is so cute. I didnt realize it was suede. I wonder if I would have luck calling an outlet.
  6. I have this bag as well, in the khaki/brown suede...and it's actually held up very well.

    Dusted suede is known to "wear off"...especially the metallic colors...i've seen many pictures of these bags with the silver (or gold) completely worn off...and it looks dingy/dirty.
  7. I had this beaded tote in the purple color. I also used it everyday for a full year. The bottom and corners looked worn because its suede but overall it was still in great shape. I LOVED this tote! I finally sold it after a year to buy new Coach. You will see this tote pop up on eBay now and then. In fact, I just saw the matching wristlet a few days ago. Good Luck with your search!:yes:
  8. I really hope I can find one of these. I have had a hard time finding any of the current bags that really catch my eye. And the beaded tote really did that. It looks like a great bag for every day use.