Signature Top Handle Pouch $44 At Macy's!!!

  1. I had to share. At the Macy's in Paradise Valley Mall (AZ) they had two khaki signature top handle pouches for $44! One in white trim and one in dark brown trim. They also had signature demi carly's for $165 - a black one, a couple of khaki/saddle and a kacki/gold. They also had a large canvas carly, but I didn't check the price of it.
  2. the suede carlyw as on sale too.. the chambray/light blue one. for like 418
  3. Is that this pouch?


    Are there any pictures of it on here like of someone who has it.

    I just want to get an idea of the size...

    Would they ship?
  4. ^^ Nope, it's more like this, but without the pocket in front and a white leather handle


    Not sure of the shipping. It's not big by any means but it seems like it would hold a wallet, some makeup a cellphone, etc. (the essentials)
  5. omg!!! i was at the mall on wednesday....i regret not going to macys :sad: