Signature Tie Dye Satchel in Blue

  1. does anyone know where i can still buy one?? i have seen it in a magazine today and i can't stop thinking about it!!!! please help!
  2. i love tie dye :smile: the only tie dye I own is a white one, and its a tote :smile:
  3. can anyone help?
  4. i want one too :sad:
  5. Ohh!! Can you post a picture of your white one or is it already on the site somewhere???
  6. eBay is the best place. these are a few years old so they're pretty much gone from the outlets, but I see them on eBay a lot
  7. I just scored this one off eBay!

    Picture 1517.jpg Picture 1520.jpg
  8. I've never seen tie dyed siggy IRL before. It looks so 'ruined' in the pictures. I'd have to directly see it to give my verdict. Right now they just look so dark and scary.
  9. They almost have this graffiti thing about them (irl they do not come off as 'ruined' trust me). Normally I am not a Coach girl, but this line had so much character I had to have it!
  10. No offence, I love Coach and I've got HS, Legacy, Bleecker, Soho and many siggy styles, but when I first saw this I thought someone did something to the surface and I gasped.

    I'm curious to see it someday, but I have yet to see anybody carry this tie dye version in my city--and I live in a BIG city! Only then will I see if it's something I'd love to get! I love my indigo/denim siggy Coach bags and they appear to look like that but with more streaks.
  11. None taken! I just am a huge advocate of this line. I think Coach took a risk and I loved it!
  12. Now I am definitely curious and gotta see one IRL.