Signature Teddy Bear!

  1. I was in Hallmark tonight and found this bear! Isn't it cute?:heart: I also found these "purse" stickers at a dollar store. I'm not sure what a 32-year old woman needs with 498 stickers...but oh well. :rolleyes:
    Signature Bear.JPG stickers.JPG
  2. LOL!!! Very cute!!
  3. lol, so cute!
  4. Too funny, start a scrapbook! HA!HA!
  5. That made me giggle.
  6. Awww, very cute!
  7. Aww :biggrin: that's adorable!
  8. Oh so cute!
  9. cute bear! good gift for LV addicts
  10. very cute.:yes:
  11. So cute!!! I love teddy bears...

    Have fun with the stickers!! Maybe you could make a sticker dress and wear it out one night :graucho:
  12. Too cute both of them!
  13. Both were great finds! Have fun with them :yes:
  14. aw cute teddy and I love stickers use to collect!
  15. so cute. have fun!!!