Signature Stripe Wallet.

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  1. the wallets that came out with the signature stripe totes;
    did they only come in zip-around? did they make a slim envelope? :shrugs:
  2. i thought they made them with the zip around.. you arent talking about the newest signature collection are you?? if you were they havent made a wallet yet for it

  3. no i meant last year's.
    the black/gunmetal and the brown/bronze are both on my wishlist.
    i know they come in zip-around. just wondering if they came in slim envelope.
    i prefer slim envelop, but i can't seem to find any.
  4. I believe it's only the accordian wallet and mini skinny that sig. stripe came in
  5. oh well. i guess i'll just have to survive with the zip-around. whoa-is-me. :p

    i still haven't even decided yet if i want the tote.
    that dog-leash closure really bothers me.
    i feel like all my stuff would fall out. :sweatdrop:
  6. I have this tote in Khaki/Parchment and I love it. The dog leash closure isn't really all that bad. I do normally like bags that zip, but I couldn't pass it up! Here is a picture of mine.
    signature stripe.JPG

  7. that's a gorgeous color!
    but 2 of the same are already on my wishlist.
    i don't think i could justify 3 of the same bag.
    plus i think i'd be scared i'd get it dirty.
  8. I know what you mean. I am so parinoid when I carry this bag because I do not want to get it dirty. When I got this one the black and chocolate bags were not in yet, but if they were I think I might have gotten one of those instead!
  9. I have the black/gunmetal tote and the matching zip around wallet and wristlet...I LOVE them all!!!!! I think those colors only came with a zip around...