1. Girls,

    What do y'all think of the Signature Stripe Tote in VERMILLION Style 11098? I was thinking of buying a Stripe Legacy Scarf to tie it with. No doubt it will be my most bright & colorful bag if I do get it!! :girlsigh:

  2. I think it's super cute and a legacy scarf would look great with it!
  3. I think that's pretty cute too!
  4. LOVE IT !Its on my must have list.,
  5. That color combo is my favorite of the stripe colors. I have the Ipod case and 3x5 planner in the same color combo, so I guess I need a bag to go with it now, huh? :p
  6. I was admiring that tote myself. I have the 6x8 and the 3x5 Agendas to match so I'm tempted to purchase the Tote to complete the set. It really is a lovely color. I think the Legacy stripe scarf would be a great match!
  7. I love the vermillion color! I have it in the older signature stripe style! It is the perfect pop of color!
  8. So cute - I have the wristlet and iPod case in this color and I love it! It has a subtle almost gold sheen to the stripe that is lovely.

    The legacy stripe scarf would look adorable with it!
  9. I lover vermillion- it's such a unique shade and looks great on the Coach sig!
  10. Thanks guys..I think I'm gonna BUY IT!!!! :biggrin:
  11. Definitely get it! Vermillion is one of the prettiest sig stripe colors!
  12. I love the vermillion color. Post pics when you get it.