signature stripe tote questions

  1. I searched the old threads, but didn't find MUCH of what I was looking for (if you have more luck, let me know!)

    The Signature Stripe Tote...not the large, just the regular one.

    I need to know if it will work for me! I would need it to comfortably fit:
    - 6x8 leather Coach planner
    - mini skinny
    - Sidekick
    - lip gloss, gum
    - mini hairbrush
    - hand sanitizer
    - beauty case used as an "emergency" pouch
    - keys
    - MAYBE a small book or magazine at times

    Is it a pretty roomy bag? I saw a FEW pictures in the "in your Coach bag!" thread, but if anyone could post pictures of what fits inside, that would help a lot.

    Sorry if this has been asked before, can close the thread if need be. :yes:
  2. I'll try to post pics later tonight. I'm sure you'll get some great responses though. i have two sig stripe tote bags and they hold a TON. Very roomy. I have a system as to how I pack it all in too, but that's just me being weird :smile: They are great bags, and i think you would do well with one!
  3. The signature strip tote is fast becoming my favorite Coach bag of all time. I must have them in all colors. But I digress...

    I don't think you'd have trouble fitting your list of goods in the regular size bag. I have:

    cell phone - interior pocket
    keys - interior pocket
    pen - slim interior pocket (it's SO cute LOL)
    3x5 punch leather planner
    LARGE zip beauty case (placed vertically at one end of the tote)
    skinny mini

    And really I could put more in it. You can cubby a lot of little things in the corners of the bag.

    One thing to be aware of, the dept stores carry a slightly larger version than Coach proper. I purchased the khaki/mahog at Macy*s and it's a few inches taller than the one from Coach (that I received yesterday, black/gunmetal), which is more square. I prefer the squarer version, easier to retrieve items.

    So there's my .02 :biggrin:
  4. Yes those things will easily fit in the regular tote.
  5. I'm so glad somebody asked this! lol i've been eyeing that bag!
    Let's see I have the large scribble tote from this year, which is just about the same size deminsion wise, and in there I can fit
    A wristlet
    my cell phone and ipod in the inside pocket(the scribble tote has two but i think sig. stripe only has one)
    Make up case
    Case with mirror and tweezers
    sunglasses (though they aren't ina case, just a little bag!)
    ninentendo ds and 2 game cases
    pill box
    there is still enough room for tons more
    on the fullest days i had all this plus a soda bottle and a pair of flip flops, and a light rolled up sweater!
    lol i hope this helps! I am dying to get a signature stripe tote.

    i think my scribble tote is more of a rectangle, and the stripe totes are more of a square shape, but i think they are almost the same demension wise, so hopefully this helps.
  6. I personally prefer the larger tote because it looks better on me but I think you could fit that in your bag. I love this style and recently got it in crimson. I'm now thinking of adding another color because it is just such a useful bag.
  7. Yep, it will definitly all fit. When I got mine I was surprised at how big it really is. You could fit all that and more for sure.
  8. Awesome! Thanks everyone, i'm really excited to buy one :nuts:
  9. Oooooh! Im excited for you. I have the regular size khaki/punch stripe. I LOVE it! Which color will you be getting?
  10. I have the larger one....i can't go small anymore it fits all that though....
  11. I really want the chocolate/bronze color. I saw it in person yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL!