Signature Stripe Tote Owners

  1. This is probably a dumb question, but do you wear the bag with the seam out or facing in? I have the new stripe tote 11098 with the legacy lining. Thanks all!
  2. I wear mine with the stripe on the outside.
  3. My stripe stays on the outside as well. I haven't reversed it since I got it (in December) nor do I plan to! :biggrin:
  4. I usually wear mine with the stripe on the outside too.
  5. I don't think the tote with the legacy lining is reversible. If it's the seam on the outside of the bag you are referring to, I always wear mine with the seam against my body. It bugs me to have it facing out; I don't know why. I wish Coach made 'em without a big seam running down the middle.
  6. Thanks Sarah. That's exactly what I meant. I wear it facing my body too!
  7. I have a tote also (parchment) and they have the same thing. I wear it with the seam on the inside against my body because I think it looks weird on the outside where people can see it.
  8. i think the seam looks nice outside! i wear it bothways....hehehe.
  9. I wear mine with the seam on outside because the cell pocket is easier for me to reach! And my OCD thinks that the zipped pocket should be against my body. But I was also wondering what others did in regards to the seam!:yes:
  10. I wear mine with the strip on the outside

  11. Same goes for me, no matter what bag I'm carrying Coach or not, the inside pocket is always against my body. ;) I think it's easier to get into that way. So for me I wear my black/black sig stripe with the seam out.
  12. i wear mine with the seam on the outside. my charms are hanging on that side too...
  13. Oh I'm sorry.. I totally misunderstood the question!! :shame:

    My seam stays on the inside. Definitely.
  14. I get the question now! I wear it both ways. I think whichever way I happen to pick it up!!
  15. Thanks everyone!!