Signature Stripe Tote Clip-Top Practical?

  1. hi, i was considering getting either the regular or large signature stripe tote but was wondering how practical the clip-top was.
    I'm used to having a purse with a zipper so things don't fall out when the purse falls over or is in my trunk.
    Do any sig stripe tote owners find this to be an issue?
    would the gallery tote be better suited for me?
  2. I have a large signature stripe tote (and a LV Neverfull which also is a clip-top tote) and I've never had a problem with them. I did worry about those times when I have to quickly slam on the breaks and my bag goes flying but I've learned that if I just lay my bag down flat rather than standing up I don't really have a problem.

    Don't get me wrong, it is definitely easier for things to fall out than if it has a zipper, but I personally haven't really had a problem with mine.
  3. I have the sig stripe tote in denim (and plan to buy it in black also) and its not an issue for me. I like it because it does keep the bag somewhat closed as opposed to just flapping wide open. LOL
  4. My ergo's have the clip & it's never been a problem for me.
  5. I have a love/hate relationship with my totes. I love seeing the interior and the spaciousness of the bag, but one tap of my breaks and ..whoosh...all my stuff goes flying all over the front seat.

    I alternate between a zip top bag and my totes depending on what's going on but I really wish some of the tote designs had zipper closures...
  6. Can you please tell me how the straps compare between the Coach tote and the Neverfull?? I'm tall and need longer straps...I'm really wanting a Neverfull GM or MM!
  7. i have a few bags that have the clip top (signature stripe tote, shoulder tote, and a patent gallery tote) doesn't bother me too much..but my coworker made and excellent point.

    I tend to carry my bag towards my back (rather than tucked right under my arm)...ANYone could just reach in and grab something.

    just something to be mindful of.

    oh...and I think I have to pick up the contents of my purse off the floor of my car at least twice a month....not matter WHAT bag I'm using.
  8. I carried my denim stripe signature tote ALL summer and NEVER clipped the clip closed....I LOVE that bag b/c you can get to anything FAST! The bag sits under your arm, so nobody can get into it either!!!! This bag is a GREAT choice!!!!!
  9. Hey RWolfeOH, I replied to you over in the Neverfull clubhouse as well.

    I am 6'0" and a "big" girl so I need longer straps and my Neverfull MM straps fit me just fine but they are a bit shorter than the large signature coach tote. I prefer the length on the coach, but the Neverfull mm works just fine. I have pictures of myself with the neverfull on the shoulder in the neverfull clubhouse I just posted today.
  10. I tried on the MM Neverfull as well, and was a little concerned about the straps - they seemed tighter than the Large tote. I'm much shorter but decided against the's lovely but I like that the Demin tote had the legacy stripe lining inside.

    (I'm off to check out Neptunes pics!)
  11. Okay, back to topic! :p

    I have the demin tote and use the clip only when the bag is not that full and i'm out shopping. I normally use it for work and carry folders, etc, so the clip is not needed.

    It fits nicely under the arm, and doesn't "flop" open. The clip does keep it closed if you're concerned. I just don't like those silly half-closure zip things on the Gallery tote - they're hard to re-zip once opened fully.