Signature Stripe Tote Black/Gunmetal...modeling pics?

  1. Mods, please move this if it should be in the shopping thread...

    Does anyone have the Signature Stripe Black/Gunmetal Tote? I dont know if I want the smaller or bigger tote. I got a NICE refund and want to go bigger than the hobo!

    Now, this is a BIGGG step up from what I normally

    So, can someone PLEASEEE model them for me? Thanks!!

    Oh, and anyone know if they will be at the outlets soon because they arent on coach anymore? Thanks so much!!!
  2. Good choice in this bag!! Its wonderful!!

    I have the smaller one and It is just perfect!

    I am 5'6 135 pds and the drop is great even with a coat on.

    I would look on eBay also for the tote, thats where i got mine..and u can find some great deals.

    Here is a modeling pic

  3. that is PERFECT!! Yes, I think I will go with that size....oh and u got the skull!! Any ideas about it being at the outlets soon?
  4. I LOVE this bag.....I was gonna get the larger tote in black/gunmetal....but sadly it's no longer on the coach website.
  5. The skull or the tote? I dont think the tote will make it to the outlets because I believe it was gone fro mthe stores even before it was off the site...the brown one might ge clue!

    The skull i'm actually selling currently, lol...I liked it but then i didn't : / but it looks awesome on the bag!!

    I don't think the skull will be in outlets either, but i could be wrong!

    Good luck with getting the tote, it is a beautiful baG
  6. Sorry, I meant the tote is no longer on the coach website. It may be on the Macy's website or NM website....I'll go look.
  7. BTW wendie, I'm exactly like you and only had smaller bags...Then i stepped out of the box and bought this tote and it's just perfect...:smile:
  8. the tote....maybe I can call JAX?

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  9. Woops! Sorry, luvmysheps, I thought you were talking to me:shame:
  10. Sorry I think you thought i was talking to you, I was answering wendies ? :sad: thanks for looking though hehehehe
  11. LOL it's okay.
  12. how much was it? $248?
  13. :yes:The MSRP is $268