Signature Stripe Swing Pack Pics?

  1. Well I'm getting married in about 6 weeks in Northern Virginia. A few days before my family and I are going on a full day tour of DC so I was thinking of getting a Swing Pack or a duffle to wear during the tour. The Signature is pretty affordable and I wanted to see if there were any pics of you guys wearing them so I could see before I order! Does it hold a good amount? I'd wanna carry my wristlet, my phone, a little makeup as well. Thanks!
  2. Oh how exciting!!! Congrats on getting married... are you excited!? Yipee :yahoo:

    As for the swing pack pics, sorry I can't help you there... lol... I just thought I'd express my excitement for you!

  3. Congratulations!!!
    I actually returned my swing pack, it was too small for me and looked stuffed with everything I wanted to carry. I have a duffle on the way.....
    Hope you find something just right for your trip!!
  4. Oh maybe Ishould go with a duffle then..
  5. I bought the large duffle just because I didn't want to deal with the space issue (and with a kid, you always have more sh-tuff). I haven't even tried it on, so who knows if I'll like it or not! ha!
    But the swing pack held a mini skinny, cell, some lip gloss and maybe some brochures and stuff. It may be too small for wristlet and makeup on top of that.....
    See if someone else chimes in too. You may want to actually go in to the store and try a few on. I've also heard that the new ergo crossbodys are pretty nice (and totally cute!), but not so much in the swingpack price range....
  6. Hey there! I personally have a duffle and 3 swingpacks and I find that the duffle is a little too bulky for me to wear crossbody. I've taken my swingpacks on trips to Vegas and amusement parks and I find it the perfect size. Especially because the Sig. Stripe swingpacks are actually a little bigger than the average swingpack and it has 2 large pockets on either side. I find that I can carry my camera, make-up, cell phone, mini-skinny, keys, and a small notebook and pen in it without looking too stuffed. I would suggest using a mini-skinny (if you have one or want one) instead of a wristlet because it's the perfect size for cash and id/hotel room keys/credit cards. Hope this was helpful!
  7. I like the swingpacks for travel. The strap fits great across the body and I can carry my small wallet, cell phone and camera (and a few make up items).

    I'm not into big purses tho so I'm not used to carrying a lot with me at any given time.
  8. The leather Soho Swing packs at the outlet right now are very roomy and a little less flat than the other swing packs. I can actually fit everything in there that I carry everyday. A small wallet, mini skinny, lipstick, razr, keys, and a mini pack of wet wipes. And there is still room.
  9. I prefer wearing the swing packs cross body and the duffles as purely a "shoulder" bag.

    My lovely brother bought me this for my birthday...the signature stripe camera bag! Holds more than the swing pack as it's wider, and a bit more structured. (and I'll actually be able to fit my sunglasses in this bag...or as my hubby calls 'goggles')

    I'm bringing this to Disney with me this September (yay!) as well as my other swing pack...for when I don't need to carry AS much. (I'm totally justified bringing 2 bags on vacation, right?)


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My graphic swing pack:

  10. Hi, I have the punch swingpack . same one as lisa5912 above... I LOVE it.. but I had a problem with it not being long enough. I boght a toggle clasp key ring (brass/brown leather) at the outlet and it extended it perfectly.
    I JUST got back yesterday from a trip to Vegas and used it.. I kept in it:
    -mini skinny w/cc and money
    -slot cards (lots of 'em
    -loose change/casino chips
    -cell phone (not a thin one either)
    I had lots of room left, too.
  11. Wow I LOVE that Camera bag. That actually might be perfect! It's a little pricy tho... I'll have to check and see if any are on eBay after work. =D

    thanks girls so much!
  12. to be honest - I loved it to but would NOT pay full price for it either.

    found it at the outlet for like $167! and then, because my brother is the best in the world, he yanked it out of my hands and bought it for me!

    but I HAVE seen them (in brown) at the outlets it doesn't hurt to look!
  13. I bought the punch stripe swingpack over the weekend - should be arriving Wednesday or Thursday - I can't wait!
  14. I :heart: this BAG! Is it still available from Coach?