Signature Stripe Small Wallet

  1. Hello-
    Was there ever a small wallet in the signature stripe? I thought I remeber seeing one that was the same size as the one in pink sig. and white leather that's out now. I know that sig. stripe comes in the zip around, but I want something much smaller. Thanks!
  2. yes there was a small zip around wallet as well
  3. It was last year, and I hate I didn't get the khaki/crimson stripe one. If they would do it in the black/white I would be one happy camper.
  4. I have it in Parchment. It doesn't hold much two cards on each side of the accordian. But the style # is 40019. Try calling the 800# to see if they can locate one for you! I wish they did a Mini Skinny in this color (or any of the older colors). It's the one in front of the beauty case.

  5. ^ Very pretty
  6. I think I did see a small signature stripe one in punch at the boutique yesterday. It's a flap over style with a zip compartment and a few slots inside as I recall.