Signature Stripe Shoulder Tote??

  1. Hello. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I have a dilemma. I am going to the boutique either tomorrow or Monday and I cant make up my mind what to get. I am really thinking about the Signature Stripe Tote but just not sure. I am so picky about my bags. I was wondering if anyone else has this tote and if you do what you think about it. I really really like having a pocket on the outside of my bags but its not the end of the world if it doesnt. I just cant make up my mind if I want this tote or if I want a satchel. Sometimes I like a big purse and sometimes I like a smallish one. LOL UGH decisions decisions. Let me know what your loves and hates are about this tote.

  2. As a matter of fact, I just purchased the Signature Stripe Shoulder Tote today! I got it in khaki/white. I previously purchased the large reversible tote and exchanged it for the shoulder tote when I saw that Dillard's had the tote this afternoo. I love it! The shoulder tote has an inside zippered pocket as well as two open pockets- one for your cell phone and one for keys, glasses, etc. I was really thinking I would miss not having any interior pockets besides the zippered pocket if I kept the reversible tote. I also love the bigger shoulder strap on the shoulder tote. There's a lot more leather. The hardware is more appealing , in my opinion, and gives the shoulder tote a "richer" look. Also, the large Coach leather hang tag on the reversible tote always seemed to twist every which way and it kinda bugged me. Anyway, I'm glad I never took the tag off or carried it so I was able to exchange it for the shoulder tote this afternoon. I say, GO FOR IT!!!
  3. Yeah, I LOVE the hardware on the shoulder tote. Very rich looking! And I love the larger C's. Just not sure about the dogleash closure. I'm afraid my stuff will fall out of it if it gets knocked over. I dont think that will stop me from getting the bag though. I love the look of it! Have you started using yours yet??

  4. I put all my stuff in it tonight so I can carry it tomorrow!

    Did you notice that there is a second ring to attach the dog leash closure to? I tried it and it draws the top of the bag in a little more making it tighter. Now I did see one of the new straw baskets that has a dog leash closure and I think that would be awkward because the basket's opening is round and large. I just don't see that providing a lot of security at all.

    I haven't really seen anyone carrying the Signature stripe shoulder tote but I've already seen lots of the totes so I like that it's different. What color are you thinking about getting?
  5. I will probably get the chocolate but white is a possibility. I have the gallery tote in black so I definitely wont get black. The chocolate is so rich and beautiful but the white is more springy and summery. Guess I'll see whats in stock and take it from there.
  6. I have the Holiday Patchwork Shoulder Tote, and it's a bit heavier than the Sig Stripe tote...however, this baby holds a TON! It does get a little slouchy too.

    When my Mom got her first Coach bag, a Hamptons Carryall, she really wanted a zipper, turned down several other styles until she found the Hamptons (which has a zipper). Well, you know what, she NEVER zips it, never! LOL. So don't be turned off by the lack of a zipper.
  7. If you dont like that it doesnt have a pocket on the outside, then dont settle for that bag. Get something that captures your attention and heart and doesnt leave you wanting more.
  8. Maybe you could get one of the new Ergo bags since they have pockets on the outside. You need to get what you love. Go to the store, try on the bag, and see if it works for you. Otherwise go ahead and wait to you find something that strikes you. Never buy just to buy. It always ends to heartache and empty pockets.

  9. Awesome advice
  10. I have it in the small size but it holds a ton (I used it for to carry some notebooks a few times) & it is super light weight. Nice bag I think and easy to maintain