Signature Stripe Shearling Tote

  1. I am in love with the signature stripe shearling tote in whiskey. I thought it was cute online, but seeing it in person just made me crave it terribly. However, I really ought to wait until just after the holidays to make the purchase.

    What is your sense of this tote and its popularity? How long does Coach keep a style current and available for order or stocked in stores? Is 2-1/2 months an unreasonable amount of time to wait to get this bag? Or should I just suck it up and get it now because it will be gone in a couple of months?
  2. IIRC the stock cycles every 2? months. What's left then goes to the outlets. Please somebody correct me if I'm wrong. :confused1:
  3. mharvey, you are correct. Unless you want to buy it on ebay/outlets, i would buy it soon just because the during the holiday season, it may get sold out.
  4. The bag will Def. be gone by Dec. 26th. Whether it sells out or not, since Dec. 26th is the day that the spring collection is released.
  5. Thank you for your advice. I hope it lasts until November 4th, because I will be purchasing it then (AND making a trip to the outlet the same day!) :yahoo:
  6. I actually got this tote for XMAS and then just returned it last week. It's horrible. Sure it's cute and I was totally loving it but it creases really, really bad and ends up looking horrible. I bought mine a little creased and kept it in the dust bag and didn't use it for the three weeks I had it, I took it out the other day and it looks nasty so I took it back. BTW, it's now on sale at Macys' for $265 down from the $358 retail price. Also IMO, the whiskey part of it felt cheap and icky and parts of the shearling looked like it had shed and there were baldish spots.
  7. Thanks, ta2dqt! I did not end up buying it. I decided on a Legacy style and just recently bought my first LV.
  8. My SA said these bags weren't very popular.