Signature stripe Satchel

  1. I bought the Signature Stripe Satchel a couple of weeks ago for a nice summer bags and I find it that it doesn't keep it's shape very easily. The corners dip in...

    I don't know if it's just my bag that does that or if anyone else has the same problem? It doesn't bother me too much but it is annoying a little.

  2. You could try putting a small paperback or a magazine in the bottom to help keep the shape. I do that with a bag I have that's the same shape. Or you could try a Purseket, I hear that they help a little with keeping the shape.
  3. Pursekets are great! I just bought one for my large Carly, they really do help with that sort of problem.
  4. Yeah, that one tends to do that.
  5. Great thanks! I'm going to try the Purseket!! :smile:
  6. where do you get a purseket?
  7. Sorry, I'm clueless, but what is a purseket?
  8. I'm use to it. My LV speedy's do it all the time. I don't mind.
  9. What size purseket should I get? I'm getting the satchel in the mail next week (hopefully)!!
  10. medium
  11. i have the stripe satchel in khaki and my friend has it in denim.. the denim one seems to lose its form worse than the khaki. but i think it might just be a part of the style cuz when i see her carrying it, it looks totally fine. even though it annoys the heck outta me when i use mine!! i keep having to fix it every other minute and now i don't even use it!! i have no idea why, but it looks fine on the denim one.
  12. Do you think a purseket will solve that problem? I don't carry a whole lot - just basic basics.
  13. i've never used a purseket before, actually this forum was the first time i ever heard of it! but i guess it doesn't hurt to try it out.. i don't carry a whole lot either! my satchel is always so empty.. but it still loses form. sorry, i'm not much help :sad:
  14. Does anyone have problems with it staying on your shoulder? The SA told me that it can be either or, but I just got mine in the mail and it doesn't stay on my shoulder... Now I'm debating keeping it, even though I LOVE the shape. It's not comfy at all...What do you girls think?
  15. ^^^
    It is a very cute bag, but if it isn't comfortable to carry it will probably just sit on your shelf. I would exchange it for something you will enjoy and get more use out of. :yes: Just my 2 cents.