Signature stripe satchel owners!

  1. I was considering putting the signature stripe satchel on my wish list but i had a couple questions for anyone that owns this bag-
    First off- is it practical- like is it a good size, easy to tote around on hand or elbow?
    and also I'm wondering about storage- how do you store things neatly in here, or do you just dig around till you find what you need?
    also i was wondering if it was hard to get in to because of the zipper being on top and straight- like it doesn't kind of gap when you unzip it- like I've never used a speedy- though i have seen a fake, and thought it was inconvenient to get in to you had to kind of smoosh the ends to make it gap- do you guys have this problem?
    and i guess relating to the smoosh-ing question, is the bag stiff, or does it sort of soften up in time?
    Also if anyone has any pictures of their bag in use- that would be awesome!
  2. Hi
    I have the signature stripe denim satchel and love the bag. I find it pretty comfortable to carry by hand and on the elbow. I can carry it on the shoulder but it is a little tight. I don't think this bag is stiff at all over time. I keep all my items in wristlets or make up bags so I'm okay in finding things but maybe I"m just used to the speedy style bag. I hear that pursekets helps organize things a bit. HTH!
  3. I'm a big speedy fan so I was thrilled to see that Coach had come out with a signature satchel. I have my stuff fairly organized anyway, but have no problems getting to my things in my satchel. There are two pockets on one side and a zipper pocket on the other, I believe. That gives you some small places to put some things. I'm also a big user of wristlets or cosmetic bags. It makes it much easier to swap bags that way too!

    The way the satchel is made keeps it from sagging too much but it slouches just enough. I really like the denim and I'm trying to resist the parchment, I just am drawn to the shape! Very easy to carry as long as you can live without it on your shoulder.