Signature Stripe Reversible Tote

  1. Does anyone have this bag? Or has anyone seen this bag in stores? If you have could you please tell me if it has any type of closure at the tope like a zipper or snap or anything...LoL. Thanks In Advance!!!!!!!!:yes: :heart: :yes:
  2. i believe it says it has a clip like closure inside, but definitely no zipper
    i'm waiting to see this bag in punch and white next month!!!
  3. oh cool...i guess i looked over that on the website. thanks.
  4. yup, it's a dogleash clip.
  5. Yep dogleash closure. This is my travel bag. Or so what I am telling myself. LOL. I have the parchment version.
  6. i loveeeeeee the parchment krispin! i am debating still, whether to get it or not, the deal is great

    but i rarely have signature, next to none actually, because i have a thing about anything, no matter the brand or cost, that is logo unless it's done in a graphic way that is more of art then stating the brand - if i'm making any sense at all.
  7. Totally making sense. I still think you need *something* though. :graucho:
  8. i used to adore this bag and was really close to getting it in the gold but when i saw it irl, i didn't like it much. it was a tad filmsy and the Cs felt way too big to me. and i'm a signature lover!
  9. I got one yesterday at Lahaska. Bought it to sell, but am debating keeping it. It's a nice size and would work better for me than my Book Tote 6491 which I have been using. Now to make up my mind!
  10. Khaki & Mahogany...
  11. It has a dogleash closure. I saw this bag in the store yesterday, was planning on getting it because I thought it was really cute online. But I didn't really like it in the seemed flimsy and the handles were really thin and looked cheap. The bag also felt very plain and didnt seem like it would hold up that well. :sad:
  12. my friend has it in white, it looks pretty =]
  13. I had it in gold but returned it. It just wasn't a good fit for me as an everyday bag.