Signature Stripe Reversible tote question

  1. Do you think the Signature Stripe Reversible tote in khaki/white patent is strictly for spring/summer? I live in Atlanta where we're not having a severe winter but it's still pretty cold. I've seen a few ladies carrying the khaki/chocolate and the khaki/gold but not the white.:yes: I love my new bag and I'm anxious to carry it!!
  2. ^i'm in atlanta, too...and i would see no problem carrying the khaki/white right now! it's definately not strictly a spring or summer bag. i just don't think everybody has switched from winter bags yet.
  3. I don't think it's a strictly spring/summer bag....go ahead and carry it!!
  4. Thanks for your input!

    It's my first Coach, too! I :heart: it!
  5. Well, there is a color called "winter white" right? So it must be alright. :yes:
  6. ok.. This question may make you laugh at my ignorance, I'm fairly new to coach (this is my first post <:shame: ) But why do they call it a "reversible" tote? I've only seen this bag online and it doesn't seem to be reversible in the true sense of the word.
  7. first off, welcome to tpf marliee!

    it is technically reversible- you then have the creed on the outside...but it looks pretty tacky when you do...
  8. Thanks Kallison :yes:
    Is the reverse side just the plain lining with the creed showing? if so.... hmmmmm, not my style either.
  9. I want to start carrying my punch tote but I was feeling silly because it is snowing so bad here! Maybe I'll start carrying it!
  10. I think you can carry bags from that line all-year round! :yes: