Signature Stripe Reversible Tote Pics??

  1. Hello everyone.

    I've been eyeing the signature tote for a while now but I;m still unsure about the size. I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of themselves holding / carrying their signature tote. I'd really appreciate seeing them

    Thanks so much

  2. I have the gold signature large my DH got me for my birthday. I use it for work and I am a nurse and carry about everything in there. I love it. I am 5'8" and we will not even go there with the weight. LOL The smaller one was way too small for me and I am not sure if you can get it on your shoulder because I did not try it. It is very comfortable and soft.
    Picture 128.jpg Picture 129.jpg
  3. Thank you so much for the picture janfill. I'm actually interested in a smaller tote than the large but seeing the large give me an idea of how much smaller the small tote might be.

    I'm tall as well (6'0") but I do prefer smaller, hand held bags and my main concern is that the smaller tote is still too big.

    Thanks again.

    If anyone has more pictures I'd love to see them.
  4. Here is my sister modeling the bag I got yesterday..the flower key ring and the wristlet I got yesterday as well...

  5. I just love that flower key chain

  6. Thank you so much for those. What a lovely bag and I love that color! How tall is your sister?

    I've been dieing for a nice tote and this one looks like it might be just the right size.

    Thanks again.
  7. Thanks Ladies!

    My sister is 5'3 and shes not wearing any shoes in that pic...I'm only an inch taller than her so the small bag was the best choice for us since we will be sharing it...

    Coachnut- the flower key chain is just beautiful in person, I saw it on for the first time but when i saw it in person i just had to have it! it's all patent leather...
  8. 5'3 huh? Well that's good to know. I'm 6ft so it will most likely look a lot smaller on me, which I don't mind at all because I'm looking for a smaller hand held tote.

    The BLACK/ WHITE (PATENT TRIM) tote is in my shopping cart on I think I might have to just get it.
  9. Go ahead and get the black/white one, that's a good choice!:yes: I just love the smaller bags because i can carry them from day to night, plus overall I just dont carry as much stuff around with me as I used to...
  10. here i am with the small black and white tote i'm 5'3''

  11. You look great! I was going to get this purse but I think I'm going to wait. You makin me want to get em now!
  12. my mommy just bought the small one in khaki yesterday! i'll see if i can take it away from her to snap some pics

  13. That looks great on you!

    The things holding me back are...
    I just bought a small Signature Stripe agenda and skinny mini in the KHAKI/ PUNCH, but I don't know how or if it would look alright with the black/white tote. I like the punch tote, but I don't want it all to be too matchy, plus I've been looking for a black bag.

    Another reason is I just bought myself a new LV Poincourt the other day, and do I really need another new bag....? :p
  14. 5'6" and i'm keeping the weight to myself, lol. :p

  15. kallison that bag looks great on you!!!!

    i definately think that the sig stripe tote can hold A LOT and is a beautiful bag. as for questioning whether or not the agenda will match, i think it will because its the same style of bag just a different color.