Signature Stripe Pouch.

  1. What do you think about this bag...Yay or Nay?

    I'm thinking about getting this bag but idk? I really want to compare what this fits in comparison to the Signature Demi Pouch. I have the demi pouch so I know how much that stuff fits inside it. Do you guys think this fits more than the demi pouch? Does anyone have both and know? Anyone have pics of what fits in this bag? TIA!! =)
  2. I think the demi is cuter, but this one is okay. Personally I wouldn't get both because I think they are too similar, but they are both cute.
  3. Yeah i really love the demi pouch and just tend to go for small bags anyways. What really made me like this bag is the pink. Plus i have the demi in black. So idk...
  4. the demi is cuter. maybe it's because my 12 year old sister always has her friends over and they ALL have sig stripe pouches, but i'm not a fan of using pouches as bags overall - except for the legacy ones. the demi in punch is beautiful!
  5. which one is that?
  6. actually i am saving up to get that exact one
  7. I have the black/white signature stripe pouch, and I like it, but it's a little too small for me. Don't know if the demi has any more room...I put in my wallet, cell phone, digital camera, and pager...and that was about all I could fit in it.
  8. I think the demi is more sophisticated looking, especially with that band of color.