Signature stripe pouch..... uses?

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  1. hi ladies :smile:

    I recently ordered a signature stripe pouch from the Coach webby (this one with the white stripe! --> and am eagerly anticipating its arrival.

    In the meantime, I'm trying to think of uses for it. It's only 7 inches long and 3 3/4 wide so it's kinda small to be a real handbag.... it can't even fit my wallet! Would any ladies who own this pouch or a pouch or similar size care to share any uses for it? thanks much :heart:
  2. I don't have one, but i've seen people use them as purses before. If you wanted to use it as something else, maybe a toiletry bag for when you go on vacation? Or a makeup pouch?
  3. I could see using this for quick errands or to throw into a larger tote, beach bag or overnight bag...etc...
  4. If you have a bigger bag with an open top it is a good thing to keep your small things in so you can always find them , I use my sig strip wristlet to keep my Ipod and phone in my signature stripe tote ( large size ) amd my sig stripe satchel
  5. i have that bag....its perfect for clubbing!! tottally fits the essentails! :smile: and looks super hot!
  6. I got in in white too. bought it from HK. Love,love,love it. Try it! You'll be amazed it can actually fit quite a lot of things :smile:
  7. thanks for the ideas ladies... i can already see myself getting lots of utility from the little pouch :tup:

    luvednotspoiled, rin95: glad you ladies love your pouches! i'm sure i'll :heart: mine too!

    veering off the topic a little, i was just wondering if it'll look weird when carried over the shoulder as it's small and "fat"? i'd always thought that slimmer purses look better when carried over the shoulder cos they fit better under the armpit LOL
  8. I have a pouch and I only use it as a purse. I carry purses of all different sizes, but the pouch is perfect for when you don't want to carry too much.

    I'm petite and slender...and I've tried wearing the pouch on my shoulder, but it's way too awkward because of the shape. It's best just held in your hand.
  9. i am on the plus size so that is out of the question. It looks nice hand carried or arm carried.
  10. you could use it as a makeup bag
  11. i have a gold pouch and use it for an evening bag.
  12. i have the scarf print pouch in blue. i admit, i don't use it too often. but its only because the satin material on the outside can get scratched easily. i wouldn't want to use it as a toiletry or makeup pouch and toss it into my shoulder tote.

    sometimes i wear it when i'm not carrying a lot and am going out with my boyfriend for a short outing. i'm 5'2'', and i can wear it on my shoulder. but it's sort of awkward, like a little tight if the pouch is under my arm. i have to put the pouch BEHIND my arm to wear it on my shoulder. i'd really rather carry it on my arm or in my hand. i wouldn't want the pretty scarf print pattern covered by my arm, i wanna show it off! lol

    i love the pouch style though. it's so cute and adorable. i'm sure you'll find lots of usage out of it.