Signature Stripe Monogramming..

  1. Who else has had Signature Stripe items monogrammed? I've had a few things done and have been pleased with how the lozenges (thats what Coach is calling those little patches) have come out...

    Today, I went in to pick up my Signature Stripe Crossbody that I have been waiting for for what feels like FOREVER and when I saw how the lozenge was placed, I felt like :wtf: ! It was CROOKED. The manager apologized and said she could try to find another bag from another store and have them ship it to JAX to have it done again. I KNOW they can't do that (or at least, someone from JAX called me and told me they couldn't do that for another item I wanted) so I asked what my options were. I've never returned an item but I did have to send my SO's wallet back TWICE cause the lozenge was peeling off! She tells me I can take the bag as is or I can exchange it for something else. JAX doesn't have anymore at the warehouse and it doesn't look like they will be replenishing stock anytime soon. Ugh! I really wanted THAT bag and well, there is one on-hold for another customer... if they don't purchase it by tomorrow, I can have that one. :s

    Anyway, so my question here is: has anyone else had a problem with their monogramming?
  2. i can't believe they messed up the monogramming!!! i hope they can fix it for you!

    personally, i'm not a huge fan of the i never had it done to any of my stuff...
  3. What is a lozenge? :confused1: Sorry, I'm not familiar with it or the monogramming.:shrugs:
  4. kallison, I spoke with my SA today and she said there are no more of the style I want left at JAX so I'll have to either take the bag as-is (which I def won't do) or return it for a different item. I'm going to get a different bag... just gotta decide which one I like. ;)

    pompilit, a lozenge (thats what Coach is calling it) is that little patch that is placed on the Signature Stripe stuff. (Where my initials are.)

  5. Thanks SO_FEMME. :smile:

    I'm sorry that you have to pick out a different bag. :sad: I'd be so mad if they screwed up the monogramming on a bag that is no longer being sold. I feel for you. :s
  6. I think the monogramming was a good idea, but it really doesn't appeal to me. I hope it all works out for you!!
  7. thats too bad that they messed up your bag...and to hear that the lozenge is also falling off the wallet. i hope the situation gets better for you.
  8. Why can't they monogram the new colors?

  9. Does the monogrammed tote fit on your shoulder well or is it tight?
  10. Okay that just sucks!!! I am crossing my fingers that the other bag does not get sold so you can get it!
  11. HandbagAshley, my SA told me monogramming should be available (for the new colors) two to three weeks after they debut in stores. I checked online and the little window that says "Unfortunately, Monogramming is not available for this color. Please select an alternate color above." is still showing up. She also told me the Signature Stripe Totes were going to come out in pear but from what I've been reading in other forums, I don't see that happening anytime soon. As for my bag, I bought the Large Tote/10125 and it fits great. The regular size/10124 didn't feel right and I didn't like its size. I like the larger one but my daughter says it looks too big... I feel its fine. I would like to get the Punch but I'm not satisfied with the size of the Tote and the patent trim doesn't appeal to me...

    krispin41, thanks! You're a sweetheart... unfortunately, that other bag is gone. I'm going to have my SA return it and I'll stay with a credit... I can't decide which bag to get right now.

    I tried searching other forums and couldn't find the answer or maybe I wasn't searching with the right key words but does anyone know if I return this bag, will it mess up my chances of getting the next PCE invite? I think I read somewhere (and I can't find where now) that returns count against you. Anyway, I'd be returning this cause Coach messed up.. not because I changed my mind and don't want it...

    Thanks everyone!
  12. i wouldn't worry about the pce. if you're going to the same store, i'm sure one of the sa's would offer one to you, since you're obviously a good customer.
  13. I read in the Vuitton forum that returning bags puts you on a blacklist, but I am sure Coach wouldn't do that espically since it was a defect on their part. And I am sure that the SAs would remember you...don't worry the pce will work itself out.
  14. So sorry that happened to you. I don't think the return will kill your chances at the PCE - you're getting credit for another bag, so they're still getting the money. Also, I got an invite to the last PCE and had exchanged a bag before that.
  15. a black list???? that is too funny...well maybe not...;)