signature stripe magazine tote - what do you think of it?

  1. hello!

    i'm thinking of getting this for work/weekend... something different from my regular totes/bags.


    any of you has this signature stripe magazine tote?
    what do you think of it? does it fit enough?

    all comments welcome :smile:
  2. i like it i want it for like a carry on for vacation !
  3. i just got it today. Waiting to use it next week!
  4. tell us what you can fit in it derberg bc im thinking of srsly getting it for a school bag !
  5. i like it! it is a great shape and i love the idea of a shoulder strap as well.
  6. I love that tote! I'm thinking about getting the denim version and use it as my laptop bag! It's very cute!
  7. That looks like a good size bag and those handles and strap will let you load it up and haul quite a bit! Very Nice!:tup:
  8. I like it too and the straps do appear to have a bit more support than some of the other totes. It's very classic.
  9. I saw this too IRL and it's really a beautiful bag. I just wonder why they couldn't put the rockin legacy lining in it!
  10. I love store did not have one for me to try on...know I am wishing I ordered it for PCE.
  11. I agree! I was a bit disappointed when I first saw it without the lining, but bought it anyway because I really liked the shape and the versatility of the straps. I'm actually using it today for work. ;)It's the first time I brought her out!

  12. I was eyeballing it as a possible laptop bag for my new laptop but I wonder if it would fit it. It's SOOO CUTE!
  13. [​IMG]

    this is the color I got.
    I put a magazine/book that I want to read, keys, wallet, small makeup set, 1 bottle of water & digital camera(to take my boy's pic). Guess I will seldom use the strap coz' it doesn't look good on me.
  14. thanks for all your feedback.
    oh... i agree! would be soooo lovely if it came in the legacy lining.

    ok, i've made up my mind, am gonna get it in the brass/khaki colour! :yahoo:
    i tried it at the store yesterday, wow... it's prettier/cuter IRL.
    was initially thinking of using it as a laptop bag, but my widescreen lappie is too tall for it :push:
    i'm still getting it anyway... love how cute this looks.

    derberg: thanks for sharing the pic. and how much you can fit in it!
  15. It's very cute and functional. I highly considered it, but decided I needed the shoulder strap.