signature stripe in punch!

  1. when will the signature stripe items in punch be in stores? such as the mini skinny and the wrislet?

    or is it already in stores? any info would be helpful. i am dying to get anything with a punch stripe!
  2. i think the 25, but you could have ordered it and recieved it sooner.
  3. yes the 25th..just a few more days!!!
    i'm also looking to purchase a little something in punch!!!!!!:yes:
  4. I ordered mine from the store a few days after Christmas, but I can't wait to go into the store and buy more Punch.
  5. I already saw them in Columbus, gorgeous!
  6. The Web site is saying some of the NY stores have it not
  7. I know here in TX the SA told me they will be in 1/26/07.And they have a purple coming out too. I can't to see what they look like.