Signature stripe in Punch

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  1. Do any of you know if there is ANYTHING left in the signature stripe in punch??? A tote, wristlet or even a mini skinny??? I REALLY want something and I know I can get it on ebay BUT I have a COACH gift card and I really wanted to get something during PCE. Thanks!!!
  2. Yes!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: lol. I asked my mom to call the Coach #- 1 -888- 262- 6224 for the punch mini skinny & they had one!!! I'm not sure about the others, but they had the mini skinny yesterday! [and they probably still have some left].
  3. Thanks!!! I will have to call my SA and ask her to check for me. Maybe she can preorder for PCE!!!!
  4. You're welcome. :smile:
  5. I wonder if they have the swing pack? I would love one!
  6. They might! You should try calling!:graucho:

  7. They had one in the Macy's in Tampa today!!!
  8. awesome! I checked the outlet when I was in vegas and diddnt see anything in punch.
  9. There are Punch beauty cases left in VERY limited numbers in JAX, along with limited numbers of mini skinnies.

    There are no swingpacks, totes, wristlets, wallets etc. left.

    Hope this helps!
  10. I've also seen some pieces on ebay if it helps!
  11. Yeah but my credit is for COACH. I wish e-bay sellers would take that as payment!!! I would be in heaven!!!