Signature Stripe in Punch or White?

  1. i really want a swingpack.
  2. Punch!!
  3. hehe well heres the deal i love pink but i dont know if i could pull it off with everything ya kno..
  4. punch!!!

    that's what i'm getting, but in the tote!
  5. i think pink is neutral enough...

    or when in doubt, just match your clothes to your bag. :yes:
  6. hahs i wish it was available in storess this weekend.....:sad: :cursing: :sad:
  7. it's online...but not in stores?

    and, i must say, the pink in the swingpack is wicked cute!
  8. i vote punch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. yeah thats whatt i heard...

    hmm evry 1 loves the punch
  10. hehe. we do.

    we such girls!
  11. PUNCH gets my vote too!
  12. punch for sure!
  13. oh good lord. typos like that are the reason i need to get sleep...hehe.
  14. i do like the white from the choices.

    i dunno i'm more partial to the black and white, brown and crimson.
  15. EEEECK thanks chicas =]