Signature Stripe in Crimson is back?!

  1. I was at Coach yesterday and noticed both the signature stripe tote and wristlet, both in crimson. I had figured (and hoped) they would return, but I wasn't sure. Great to see such a pretty color back in the stores! And good news for all you ladies looking for crimson stripe items!
  2. Its agreat fall color isnt it? I like the 2 sizes of the makeup pouches they have to match.
  3. I saw crimson at the store last week...forgot to post:yes:. It is a BEAUTIFUL color for Fall. I'm glad they brought it back...
  4. Will they put this online as well?

    I like pre-shopping before I got to the store.
  5. I saw the tote at my store as well. If it's still there when PCE comes, it's mine!!
  6. I have the tote, beauty case, wristlet and scarf. I'm addicted to Crimson!
  7. I recently purchased the large version (10125) of the crimson sig. stripe tote for fall! I love her!
  8. I can't wait to see it!
  9. I was told that there was only 41 of these at jax right now and I don't know if they will be making anymore. I really wanted one but don't know if I can handle not having a cell phone and multifunction pocket in it. I do LOVE the crimson!
  10. Ooooh, I didn't even notice that those pockets were missing! :wtf: Honestly, I would give those two things up for the love of the color, it's beautiful! And you can always use another make up bag to put extra stuff in or the zippered pocket.
  11. You can put your cell phone in the patch pocket :yes: that's what I do with mine!
  12. I want one of these so bad!! I have never tried this bag are the straps? Are they long enough to be a comfortable fit on the shoulder? I'm 6'0", so I need some long straps.
  13. Does anyone know if the new ones have Legacy Stripe lining? :drool:
  14. OH NO! Now what do I do? I was all set to walk in, grab the chocolate leather ergo tote and get out this??

    Okay, crazy conversations are happening in my head:
    "UGH, do I return the Denim tote that I love but have yet to use and get the Crimson tote that I'm :drool: over?"

    "Why can't I just get all of them?" :graucho:
    "uh, because DH will do this: :rolleyes: What? Another Coach bag? Don't you have enough?"

    "I could get it now and give it to myself for my Christmas present"

    "Oh who am I kidding - I can't wait that long!"

    "Where in the heck is PCE!!!!"
  15. Mokoni, I don't think they've got the legacy stripe lining. I think they're left over from last year-- the reversible style, which is what mine is. I ordered mine at the end of april. But I'm NOT sure about that. I haven't seen the crimson in our boutique yet. But my last day was Saturday.

    RWolfe, I use it as a shoulder/tote bag and the straps are plenty long for that :yes: