Signature stripe denim, should I do it?

  1. My birthday is coming up and I need a new purse. I LOVE the signature stripe denim satchel, BUT, I'm supposed to be buying one I can take out to dinner.

    Question: Does this purse look tacky if you wear it while wearing denim jeans?
    Another question: Do you think it's worth it? In Hawaii, it costs $100 more than it does up in the this worth $500? I can always get something else online and it's always cheaper than it is in stores here...but they don't have the denim satchel online!
  2. Don't you just hate our 20% markup?! If I were to ever get a regular priced bag, I'd definitely have a friend on the mainland buy it for me and send it in a $9 flat-rate box!!

    I don't think it'd look tacky with jeans... I have the denim Carly and I wear it with jeans! I think the signature stripe denim is a more "dressed up" denim because of it's darker color, whereas I feel the denim of the Carly is more casual.

    You say you're supposed to be buying a bag you can take to dinner... what kind of dinners? Are you looking for a bag to take to super fancy dinners or just dinners overall? I think the denim satchel would look great with many dressed up or dressed down outfits! I'd say the only kind of dinners I wouldn't take the denim satchel to is one where I'm wearing a super-fancy dress or gown...
  3. The denim sig stripe looks great with jeans (I wear the tote with mine all the time) so that should not be am issue - but wow, $500!! Considering it cost $298 plus tax, that one heck of a markup! :yucky:

    Me personally, I have a limit as to what I pay for sig fabric - and that's only because I'm a leather girl (I figure at that price, I want my money's worth I guess lol :p)
  4. That bag is stunning IRL and it looks great against jeans. I saw someone awhile back with it....gorgeous bag!
  5. I think that one is currently on sale at Macy's.

    I personally do not like the color, but I don't thin it would be tacky with jeans.
  6. I think it would look fantastic.
  7. I just saw a girl yesterday wearing a denim tote with jeans and a sweatshirt, and the bag looked great. It almost seemed to make the jeans look dressier. I would love to have the signature stripe shoulder tote in denim.
  8. YES. It's a gorgeous don't do it justice! And it's the perfect size too!
  9. get it on eBay!!! that is rediculous!!!

  10. Ooh, such a good idea, I'm going to call my girlfriend to go to the store on the mainland and send it to me!! DH will be so much more at ease!! (Then,maybe I can also get the beauty case!!)
  11. smart girl... haha save some money on the bag and take that extra cash and get a little something else...

    i love the way our minds think!
  12. *update* I WAS going to call my friend to buy it for me, but I ended up ordering the khaki/chocolate one online. It was only a few $ cheaper than the boutique with the expensive shipping, but for me the boutique is far, so I'd spend that $ on gas if I had to drive there!
    I'm so wishy washy on this one - I wanted to wait for a light color like parchment, but I live literally in a forest and am surrounded by red dirt!