Signature Stripe Bag Owners

  1. have you ever noticed a snag or some fraying on the stripe? i noticed it on mine, it is very small, but i can still see it. Anyone else have this problem? I want to exchange mine but i don't know if they'll let me because i took the tag off.

  2. Eek! That's not good. I'm sure they'll let you exchange it. That's definitely not "normal wear"
  3. I noticed some small fraying on the stripe of my make up kit but I also used the thing to death.
  4. yah this bag is brand new. no reason for a snag, albeit a small one. sigh...
  5. I have three sig stripe bags and I've never seen a snag or pull on the stripe.
  6. I own 4 stripe items and none of them have fraying - all used a lot. I would take it back.
  7. I was just at Macy's checking out the sig stripe bags. I noticed the same thing, it looked snagged between the stripe & the sig fabric, like snagging on the sig fabric. I saw it on 2 different type of bags & thought it was strange, now I hear this! :confused1:

    I've been thinking of getting the sig stripe tote, but will have to monitor this situation!
  8. I don't have any snags, but I do have a scratch. I was so peeved when it happened, it was only a few days after I got it.

    I have the black/black ie silver version and the stripe is more metalic and it got scratched. I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of it, but it's here to stay. The good thing is it's on the backside of the bag that I carry towards my body.
  9. I worry about a snag sometimes on my skinny, but have never gotten one! I'd at least try to return it.
  10. Take it back. One of the things I admire on my sig stripe satchel all the time is how crisp the stitching is around the stripe. Silly, I know, but that would drive me nuts!