Signature Strip Tote in Medium (10124) or Large (10125)

  1. Hi, I'm having a bit of a dilema should I go for the Medium or Large tote? Any differences other than the size,please help. At least I know that I'll be getting it in Chocolate. Thanks

  2. i'd go for the medium.....the large is very large as in more of a travel size large
    the medium seems perfect.................
  3. i have the medium in punch and it's a good size! the large is too large for me.
  4. ^ also, they both only have that one zipper pocket inside, so unless you have a lot of little cases/organization type holders, your stuff will get lost inside the large.
  5. I like the large but I just exchanged mine (kha/wht) for the shoulder tote which is closer in size to the medium. So I would say medium. It's such a pretty bag. Enjoy!!:smile:
  6. depends on how much you carry around. the large is LARGE and the medium is still too large for my everyday needs.
  7. Thanks, I'm going for the medium, to be honest large is probably too big for me, really it's really deep, I don' t want to be digging for stuff. Thanks so much for the advise. Oh, yeah by the way I'm also getting the matching ballet flats with the choc. signature strip on the side. I can't wait. I'll post pics up.
  8. I have both sizes. I use my large more for traveling as my purse. I've been using my medium the last few days and LOVE it. My Mom tried to get me to get another large, but I didn't have anything in this size (medium).

    This is the large:


    This is a medium (horrible pic, sorry):

  9. Just this past week I got the large in the black/silver. I will admit that my normal everyday items don't fill it up. But it doesn't bother me in this bag. I like having extra space sometimes, it's nice because I can throw random things inside and still have space.

    I could probably function everyday with the smaller one, but I also have to deal with the strap length.

    I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a big girl and the large size just fits perfectly on my shoulders in normal clothing, but I can't wear it if I have on my big winter trench coat. So theres is NO way that I would be able to fit the smaller size on my shoulders any time.

    So if you're on the smaller side and don't carry a ton of stuff, then I say go with the medium size. But IMHO the large really isn't all that large in reality.
  10. i have the medium and it is perfect for carring around everyday and it is not to big and it fits my shoulder perfectly!

    here is a pic of me wearing the med. tote!

  11. ^^^^^^^ That bag looks so cute on you!!!! And you're so tiny!!!!! It hangs perfectly on your shoulder. I wish my bag looked that good on me.

    Both sizes have 17" handles, but I know the medium size would just not fit right under and over my shoulder, that's why I think for my body type the large is much better. It fits under my shoulder and falls at a nice point. If I had the smaller one I think it would be crammed up in my armpit :p .
  12. I'm not familiar with Coach bags but looking at the 2 sizes, I think the medium is nice.
  13. I own the large size in black/silver. I love this size...but of course the bigger the better for me!
  14. i think the medium...that seems like a good size!
  15. I went to see the medium yesterday and it seemed kind of small to me. Do they have a size smaller than medium? Because the large looked way bigger than the one I saw.